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When to Add Your Teen to Your Auto Insurance Policy

At Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL, parents ask us when they should add their teenager to their auto insurance policy. Some parents want to avoid adding their teen so their premiums won’t increase, but you need to put your teen on your auto policy during your teen’s learning phase while they work up to getting their learner’s permit and license.

Getting Around a Conundrum

Teens need a driver’s license to buy auto coverage. They should not begin driving lessons until obtaining their learner’s permit, but in some states, a teen can take a high school driver’s education course without having earned a learner’s permit. As soon as your teenager begins to learn to drive, you should put them on your auto policy.

Here’s why you have to put them on your policy. Until they obtain their learner’s permit, they cannot purchase coverage on their own. Some states require a teen with a learner’s permit to obtain coverage, so if you plan to let your teen get in some practice while you drive a long stretch of highway on vacation, add them before you go.

When They Can Obtain Their Own Policy? 

You can add a teen who has yet to obtain their license to your auto policy. Once they earn their regular driver’s license, you can allow them to buy their own insurance policy. However, your policy will temporarily need to cover them.

Contact Us to Amend Your Policy Today

Contact Harris Insurance today to update your auto insurance policy to include your teenage driver-to-be. Before you let them leave the driveway of your Jasper, AL home, make sure your auto policy covers them.

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