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Do you have enough home liability insurance to cover your risks

Home insurance is not just one type of coverage; it has multiple protections it offers. None of it is required except by a lender. No state requires you to carry home insurance. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry it if you don’t have a home loan. Risks to your home and assets are abundant, and making sure you are prepared for anything that might happen is essential. Having a home insurance policy that offers adequate protection is vital to your peace of mind. At Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL, we have served hundreds of customers since 1980.

When accessing your need for liability insurance, several things need to be considered, including your net worth. The more you are worth, the more attractive you are to someone who might want to sue you. If you have a sizable net worth, your liability coverage should reflect it, and you should probably consider an umbrella policy as well. 

Pets are common additions to families, and they are a liability. Make sure your agent knows the number and breed of dogs you have. Some breeds of dogs are considered such high-risk, insurance carriers won’t cover them. 

Having a backyard pool can provide your family with a great entertaining space, but it does add to your liability risks. Be sure to follow all the local safety ordinances and have appropriate fencing installed. Someone injured in your pool does not have to be a guest. 

Trampolines are very popular with children, and they offer a very high injury risk. Making sure they have safety nets can reduce the risk. 

Contact Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL when you are looking for a home insurance policy. As an independent agency, we offer multiple carriers that allow us to shop for the best prices. 

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