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Tree Damage and Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Harris Insurance Discusses Insurance Coverage From Tree Damage

Trees enhance the beauty of residential property and provide shade that helps to lower energy costs. However, they can sometimes present a hazard when stormy weather or other conditions cause them to fall on structures or block access to areas of your property. Your homeowner’s insurance policy may help to defray some of the costs of tree damage. At Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL, we assist our clients in obtaining the insurance they need to safeguard against financially strenuous losses.

Common Situations of Tree Damage

Large tree limbs falling due to windstorms, lightning, or other conditions aren’t uncommon. Such incidences may result in roof damage, broken windows, and obstructed access to areas. If your tree suffers due to a peril covered by your policy, the resulting damage will most likely be covered by insurance. However, the event is typically not covered if the tree falls due to disease, rot, or age.

Your Deductible Still Applies

If a tree causes damage to your property, you’ll still be required to pay your deductible. However, if the damage exceeds the deductible amount, your coverage will usually apply to mitigate the additional expense of removal and repair of your home.

When Trees Fall on Others’ Property

In some cases, a storm or other issue may damage your neighbor’s trees, which may cause harm to your property. In such an instance, your own homeowner’s policy comes into effect to cover the removal and repair costs. If your tree falls on your neighbor’s property, their insurance takes effect to mitigate the costs caused by the tree.

Make Harris Insurance Your Agent For Homeowners Insurance

Our agents in Jasper, AL, can provide detailed information on the different types of homeowners insurance coverage available. Harris Insurance offers a broad range of insurance policies, including home, auto, RV, life, and business. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote on homeowners insurance that can help mitigate expenses when unexpected events occur.

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