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Preparing your home for an emergency

Emergencies come in many forms. Alabama gets hurricanes and flooding quite regularly. Tornadoes also rip through the area. Making sure your home is prepared for one of these emergencies is important. At Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL, we have been helping our customers to deal with covered emergencies for more than 40 years. Surviving an emergency comes first and then filing a claim comes second. 

Protecting your important papers

Protecting your important papers like your will, your passport, your deeds, and your insurance policies, and your home inventory is vital so that when you need them after the emergency they are available to you. Place them in a water and fireproof box or bag and if you leave your home for shelter take them with you. 


Water is one thing you will need after the emergency passes. In some cases there will not be any public services and the water in your tap may either be non-functional or not safe to drink. You need to have at least 3 or 4 days of drinking water available and if you can save water for personal needs like the toilet or for bating, that is even better. 

Flashlights and batteries

If electricity gets knocked out, and it frequently does, you need a way to power your lights. Having plenty of flashlights and extra batteries is a must and a portable charger like a Halo can be a big help at least in the short term. 


If you live in an area that is prone to losing power, a generator is a must. It can save you from losing all the food in your fridge or freezer. Have a supply of gas on hand to keep it going. 

Emergencies happen, making sure you are prepared can save a lot of heartaches. 

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