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Four common home insurance mistakes to avoid

When you purchase home insurance, there are a lot of potentially costly mistakes that it’s important for you to avoid. At Harris Insurance, we can help you to avoid mistakes when you insure your home in Jasper, AL.

Here are four common home insurance mistakes to avoid:

Buying the first home insurance policy that you come across

Getting quotes and comparing them is an important step in the process of buying home insurance. If you don’t compare quotes, you won’t know if the policy that you’re purchasing is competitively priced and offers you high-quality coverage.

Foregoing coverage for sewer backups

Sewer backups are a fairly common and unpleasant problem in a home that a standard home insurance policy doesn’t usually cover. You’ll need to have this type of coverage added to your policy if you want to benefit from it. 

Assuming you have coverage that you don’t have

Read the fine print and know what’s covered in your policy. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes make assumptions about what their policy covers and then end up disappointed when accidents happen, and they try to file a claim for damages that aren’t covered. 

Failing to take the time to customize your coverage

You can customize your home insurance policy by adding certain types of coverage or choosing particular deductible or maximum coverage amounts that best meet your needs.

Taking the time to customize your policy by making such adjustments helps ensure that you’re getting the best possible policy for your needs. 

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Contact us at Harris Insurance for a quote on an insurance policy for your property in Jasper, AL. We’ll be happy to come to your assistance and answer all your questions about the home insurance policies that we offer. 

Is having home insurance in Alabama a good idea?

People that are in the Jasper, AL area may find that owning a home is a great housing option. When you are going to purchase a home in this part of the state, it is always wise to get insurance for the home.

There are various reasons why having a home insurance plan here will be a good idea:

Coverage Protects Assets

An important reason that you should have a home insurance plan is so you can protect your assets. Your home is likely the largest and most valuable asset that you will ever own. Due to this, ensuring you have support if it sustains damage is important. One way this can be done is by getting a full home insurance plan, which offers coverage if you incur damage from a covered loss. A home insurance policy also offers coverage for your personal assets up to the policy limits. 

Comply with Requirements

You also will want to have a home insurance plan so you can comply with various requirements. If you choose to buy a home, you will likely have various insurance requirements. These can be set by mortgage lenders or home associations. When you are properly insured, you can stay in good standing with these requirements. This could help you avoid penalization or being in default on various agreements. 

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It is always a good idea for people in the Jasper, AL area to have home insurance. If you are looking for this coverage in Alabama, it would be helpful to call Harris Insurance. There are a lot of choices to make when looking for coverage and Harris Insurance can help you assess your options. This can help ensure you are able to build a plan that will properly meet your needs. 

Why You Need Home Insurance

If you own a home, it’s vital that you have the right insurance coverage for it. It’s important to always have a home insurance policy to cover the home and protect your own finances. A home is likely your largest investment, and it’s smart to always keep it protected. In addition, it is generally required by lenders that you must have this insurance in place to protect their investment as well. When you need a home insurance policy, call us at Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL to find out more.

Benefits of Home Insurance

Protection for Your Possessions

One of the ways that your home insurance keeps you protected is that it provides coverage for all of your possessions that are in the house. It’s important to have this coverage because you never know when a damaging event could destroy your things. If this were to happen, it could cost many thousands of dollars to replace it all. Home insurance is the policy that pays for the replacement of all of those items. The amount of items in your home adds up to a very large value, so keep it all protected with home insurance. 

Dwelling Protection

Home insurance also covers the dwelling. If a serious event happened to the home, and it needed repairs, the home policy would pay for those repairs. Home repairs, especially major ones, can be prohibitively expensive to pay for. Without home insurance, you might not be able to afford them. It’s never a good idea to go without this coverage because of the many things that can happen that damage a home.

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If you are going without home insurance, or you are buying a home, you need to set up a home insurance policy. Call us at Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL and we will assist you to get the coverage you need.

Does Your Home Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

When a hurricane hits, the damage can be devastating. If your home is in the path of a hurricane, it’s essential to know if your home insurance will cover the damage. Here’s everything you need to know about home insurance and hurricane damage in Jasper, AL.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Home insurance typically covers damage caused by fire, wind, hail, lightning, and theft. However, coverage varies from policy to policy, so it’s essential to read your policy carefully and know what is and isn’t covered.

For example, most home insurance policies don’t cover damage caused by flooding, so if you live in an area prone to flooding, you’ll need to purchase separate flood insurance. Your Harris Insurance agent can help you determine your coverage types.

What About Hurricane Damage?

Home insurance if wind typically covers hurricane damage or rain causes the damage. However, as with any other type of natural disaster, it’s important to read your policy carefully to see what is and isn’t covered. A Harris Insurance agent can help you understand your policy and what it covers.

How to Prepare for Hurricane Season

If you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

First, make sure you have an adequate insurance policy in place. Standard home insurance policies cover wind and general storm damage, but in Alabama, you may need a separate policy because the area is prone to hurricanes.

You should also create an emergency kit and have a plan in place in case you need to evacuate. Your emergency kit should include food, water, a first-aid kit, and essential documents.

You should also make sure your home is prepared for a hurricane. This includes trimming trees and shrubs, securing loose items, and reinforcing doors and windows.

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By taking these steps, you can help protect your home and belongings in the event of a hurricane. To learn more about protecting your home with insurance in Jasper, AL, contact Harris Insurance.

Home Insurance Misinformation Alabama Residents Should Learn About

Harris Insurance proudly serves the Jasper, AL community and the surrounding areas. We work closely with multiple carriers throughout the South. This allows us to offer flexible policies designed to meet the evolving needs of our clients. For over 20 years, we have helped residents face life’s challenges knowing that they are protected in any situation.

Home Insurance Misinformation Alabama Locals Should Learn About

Your Jasper, AL home is a significant investment. You’ve likely made a lot of sacrifices to become a homeowner. Home insurance protects your property against potential damages. Your possessions inside your home are also covered if damaged or stolen. Liability coverage is an asset. Accidents may occur at any moment. Liability coverage protects you if one of your guests is injured on your property. You are also covered if you accidentally damage someone else’s property. You can add alternative living coverage to protect you if your home suffers extensive damage and you have to stay somewhere else temporarily. Look over your policy carefully to avoid any errors.

Home insurance differs from flood insurance. If your home suffers flood damage after a natural disaster moving through the area, you are not covered unless you alter your policy. Flood damage differs from water damage, which could occur due to a broken pipe or drainage issues. Your policy also leaves you unprotected if you don’t take care of your home. Perform regular maintenance on your home to avoid long-term problems. If mold develops, this is a common situation where homeowners are left unprotected and may be forced to make tough decisions.

Harris Insurance Will Help You Obtain The Right Coverage

Contact our office to learn more information about home insurance.

Do all Alabama property owners need home insurance?

People that are in the Jasper, AL area will find this is a great place to own a home. When you are a property owner, it will offer you a consistent place to call home and can be a good long-term investment. When you are shopping for a property, you should also allocate time for going over your insurance needs. A home insurance plan could be needed for a few reasons. 

Coverage is Required by Lenders

A primary reason that you may need to get a home insurance plan here is that it will be required by your lenders. Taking out a mortgage is common for most people that buy a home. If you do take out a mortgage, it will provide you with the opportunity to purchase your home. However, there are rules that come along with it. Any mortgage lender is going to require that you carry a full home insurance plan until your loan is fully repaid.

Coverage is Required by Association

There is also a chance that you could be required to carry home insurance by a home association. Living within a home association can be a good idea as it can come with security and other amenities. If you are part of an association, you will need to meet and understand its rules. This often includes requiring property owners to carry home insurance. 

There are a lot of situations in which having home insurance will be a necessity and requirement. If you want to get a home insurance plan in the Jasper, AL area, speaking with Harris Insurance can be helpful. The team with Harris Insurance can help you identify your particular home insurance needs and help build a plan that will properly cover your home and keep you in compliance with any requirements. 

First-Time Home Buyers: A Guide to Insurance

Are you buying a home in the Jasper, AL area and have never purchased a home insurance policy before? Then, you need to contact us at Harris Insurance after reading this information. Doing so will help to make it easier for you to pick a policy that makes sense for your needs. 

Your Guide to Your First Home Insurance Policy 

The first thing that you need to do is start looking for a suitable policy before your home deal is fully settled. If you wait too long, there’s a good chance that you might end up missing out on an excellent policy opportunity. So instead of waiting, talk to an agent and discuss the value of your home – you’ll need an adjuster who can work with you. 

Then, you need to make sure that you understand a variety of different things that help to dictate what policy that you need. Just a few things to consider here include:

  • Total home replacement cost, which an agent can help you figure out 
  • The risk of your home getting seriously damaged by various issues 
  • Potential bundling options that could make your policies simpler 
  • The number of people living in the house with you 
  • Complications with your home that could occur due to natural factors 

These factors are critical because they can change and may ultimately undermine your policy if you aren’t safe. Once you’ve figured them out, you can choose a policy premium and deductible that makes sense for your home and your financial situation.

Finding a Suitable Policy 

If you need a great home insurance option that works well for your home, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Harris Insurance to learn more. Our team will give you the high-quality help that your Jasper, AL home needs to stay protected against common insurance problems.

Preparing your home for an emergency

Emergencies come in many forms. Alabama gets hurricanes and flooding quite regularly. Tornadoes also rip through the area. Making sure your home is prepared for one of these emergencies is important. At Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL, we have been helping our customers to deal with covered emergencies for more than 40 years. Surviving an emergency comes first and then filing a claim comes second. 

Protecting your important papers

Protecting your important papers like your will, your passport, your deeds, and your insurance policies, and your home inventory is vital so that when you need them after the emergency they are available to you. Place them in a water and fireproof box or bag and if you leave your home for shelter take them with you. 


Water is one thing you will need after the emergency passes. In some cases there will not be any public services and the water in your tap may either be non-functional or not safe to drink. You need to have at least 3 or 4 days of drinking water available and if you can save water for personal needs like the toilet or for bating, that is even better. 

Flashlights and batteries

If electricity gets knocked out, and it frequently does, you need a way to power your lights. Having plenty of flashlights and extra batteries is a must and a portable charger like a Halo can be a big help at least in the short term. 


If you live in an area that is prone to losing power, a generator is a must. It can save you from losing all the food in your fridge or freezer. Have a supply of gas on hand to keep it going. 

Emergencies happen, making sure you are prepared can save a lot of heartaches. 

Contact Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL for all your home insurance needs. 

Do you have enough home liability insurance to cover your risks

Home insurance is not just one type of coverage; it has multiple protections it offers. None of it is required except by a lender. No state requires you to carry home insurance. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carry it if you don’t have a home loan. Risks to your home and assets are abundant, and making sure you are prepared for anything that might happen is essential. Having a home insurance policy that offers adequate protection is vital to your peace of mind. At Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL, we have served hundreds of customers since 1980.

When accessing your need for liability insurance, several things need to be considered, including your net worth. The more you are worth, the more attractive you are to someone who might want to sue you. If you have a sizable net worth, your liability coverage should reflect it, and you should probably consider an umbrella policy as well. 

Pets are common additions to families, and they are a liability. Make sure your agent knows the number and breed of dogs you have. Some breeds of dogs are considered such high-risk, insurance carriers won’t cover them. 

Having a backyard pool can provide your family with a great entertaining space, but it does add to your liability risks. Be sure to follow all the local safety ordinances and have appropriate fencing installed. Someone injured in your pool does not have to be a guest. 

Trampolines are very popular with children, and they offer a very high injury risk. Making sure they have safety nets can reduce the risk. 

Contact Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL when you are looking for a home insurance policy. As an independent agency, we offer multiple carriers that allow us to shop for the best prices. 

What is an Escrow Account and What Impact Does it Have for Home Insurance?

If you plan to buy a home or recently have, the term escrow account should be ingrained in your brain. In its simplest form, an escrow is a legal agreement where a third party takes custody of a large sum of money or property until a predetermined condition has been met, which could be purchasing a new home. For real estate, escrow accounts have two main purposes:

  1. Home Buying: Protects both the buyer and the seller by holding a deposit in a separate account in good faith.
  2. Taxes & Insurance: May be required by a mortgage lender whereby a portion of your monthly payment for your home is set aside in a separate account out of which your homeowner’s insurance and property taxes are paid.

When you buy a home, your purchase agreement will likely include language around a good faith deposit, otherwise known as earnest money, which protects both the buyer and seller. For instance, if the deal falls through because of the buyer, the seller usually gets to keep the earnest money. In addition to earnest money, your mortgage lender may also establish an escrow account used to pay for homeowner insurance and property taxes. Given that your tax bill and homeowners insurance can either increase or decrease from one year to the next, this amount can change over the lifetime of your loan. 

At Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL, our talented and knowledgeable team of insurance professionals will walk you through every step of the process to find the right homeowner’s insurance policy and answer your questions on escrow accounts. Give us a call today to learn more. 

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