Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Boat/Watercraft Insurance

Spending time near the water is how many Alabama residents prefer to cool down and/or relax. Quite frankly, it’s hard to disagree with their choice.

There’s nothing like breathing in the fresh ocean air and experiencing the serene atmosphere either by yourself or together with loved ones.

To further heighten your enjoyment, you may want to look into purchasing a watercraft so that you can get even closer to the sea. Before you go about purchasing a new boat though, you should take the time to learn more about watercraft insurance and we at Harris Insurance can help enlighten you.

What Vehicles Are Covered by Watercraft Insurance?

If you are an avid hobbyist who spends plenty of time on or near the water, watercraft insurance is likely going to be a must for you.

This kind of insurance plan covers all kinds of water-based vehicles. It can cover smaller watercrafts such as paddle boats and pontoon boats. Bigger watercraft like fishing boats and sailboats are similarly covered by most plans.

You should also investigate a comprehensive watercraft insurance plan if you just recently bought a yacht and want to protect your investment properly.

Those water-based vehicles are not cheap. If you get into an accident with them, you may end up with a literal sunk cost that you’ll have a hard time recovering from. By finding and purchasing a watercraft insurance plan, you can rest easy and relax better while you’re on the water.

Other Reasons Why Watercraft Insurance Is Important

Boat owners are not required to have a watercraft insurance plan in the state of Alabama, but if you’re interested in purchasing that kind of vehicle, you will likely need a plan anyway.

Banks typically aren’t too keen on handing out loans to prospective boat buyers who don’t have insurance just yet. On top of that, you may have a tough time finding a place that can house your new boat if you didn’t bother to get insurance beforehand.

Simply put, a lack of insurance can be a barrier to boat ownership in Jasper, AL so it’s best to scout out a good plan of time.

Don’t allow your hefty investment into your new boat to go to waste. Partner up with us at Harris Insurance and find the plan that is best for you and your new boat.

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