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Understanding Auto Insurance for Ridesharing Vehicles

Driving for a ridesharing company is more popular than ever before. Whether you’re driving at the weekends or the evenings to make some extra cash, or it’s your full-time gig, you need to make sure you have auto insurance coverage that protects you and your vehicle.

Here are some things to consider when choosing an auto insurance plan for your ridesharing vehicle:

Specialized Policies for Ridesharing

Many insurance companies offer specialized policies for rideshare insurance. You’ll be on the road far more frequently than most other drivers and driving in areas you don’t know. Specialized policies consider all of these factors, as well as the wear and tear your vehicle will accumulate after being driven so much.

Differences Between Ridesharing Coverage and Regular Coverage

Ridesharing insurance coverage has several different features from standard auto policies. It addresses the needs of ridesharing drivers, ensuring you are covered while actively working. 

Insurance Policies from Ridesharing Companies vs. Finding My Own

While ridesharing companies offer insurance coverage for their drivers, it is often limited. For example, it typically only applies to specific stages of being a ridesharing driver, such as when you physically have a passenger in the car. It doesn’t account for waiting for a ride request or driving to pick up a passenger. Therefore, you may not be protected if you’re rear-ended while waiting for a passenger to enter the vehicle.

Looking for Ridesharing Insurance Services in Jasper, AL?

Ridesharing is a business; like most business decisions, you shouldn’t choose your insurance policy alone. At Harris Insurance, we’ll advise you on the best coverage for your business needs to ensure that you, your vehicle, and your passengers are properly protected.

Learn more about ridesharing insurance options at Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL by calling us today.

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