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Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

When it comes to owning your own business, there are many things to consider. One of the main things you need to have in place is a commercial business policy. Our agents at Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL know and understand how important this type of policy is to the success of your business.

There are several types of commercial insurance coverage options for you to choose from depending on your needs, preferences, and situation.

Commercial Insurance Coverage Options

Commercial Auto Liability

In the state of Alabama, all drivers must have at least auto liability insurance in place to legally drive and your business vehicles are no exception. All vehicles owned by your business or personal vehicles that are used for business purposes need to have at least commercial auto liability insurance coverage. This type of coverage will assist you in paying for any medical bills or property damage that is incurred if you or one of your employees is the cause of an accident.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If you employ five or more people at your business, the state of Alabama requires you to have a worker’s compensation policy in place to cover employees if they are hurt on the job. This type of policy can also help pay wages to employees who are off work due to a work-related injury.

Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage

This type of insurance coverage is very important because it covers any injuries to a customer or other visitor to your business if they are injured while they are there. This type of coverage can also help you out if you are ever sued for slander, copyright infringement, or libel.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is extremely important because it can help you replace lost inventory or repair your business if it is damaged by an act of vandalism, a fire, or a natural disaster. This type of policy can help you recoup inventory that is lost due to a theft incident or robbery at your business.

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