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Four common home insurance mistakes to avoid

When you purchase home insurance, there are a lot of potentially costly mistakes that it’s important for you to avoid. At Harris Insurance, we can help you to avoid mistakes when you insure your home in Jasper, AL.

Here are four common home insurance mistakes to avoid:

Buying the first home insurance policy that you come across

Getting quotes and comparing them is an important step in the process of buying home insurance. If you don’t compare quotes, you won’t know if the policy that you’re purchasing is competitively priced and offers you high-quality coverage.

Foregoing coverage for sewer backups

Sewer backups are a fairly common and unpleasant problem in a home that a standard home insurance policy doesn’t usually cover. You’ll need to have this type of coverage added to your policy if you want to benefit from it. 

Assuming you have coverage that you don’t have

Read the fine print and know what’s covered in your policy. Unfortunately, homeowners sometimes make assumptions about what their policy covers and then end up disappointed when accidents happen, and they try to file a claim for damages that aren’t covered. 

Failing to take the time to customize your coverage

You can customize your home insurance policy by adding certain types of coverage or choosing particular deductible or maximum coverage amounts that best meet your needs.

Taking the time to customize your policy by making such adjustments helps ensure that you’re getting the best possible policy for your needs. 

We Are Here To Help!

Contact us at Harris Insurance for a quote on an insurance policy for your property in Jasper, AL. We’ll be happy to come to your assistance and answer all your questions about the home insurance policies that we offer. 

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