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Who Is Covered by My Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance protects you in the event of an accident or theft, which causes financial loss. Your Jasper, AL insurance company agrees to pay for your losses as outlined in your auto insurance policy in exchange for your premium payments. The biggest question most car owners have is, “Who is covered by an auto insurance policy?” Continue reading to learn more. Then call the experts at Harris Insurance to learn more about who is covered under your policy. 

Who Is Covered By My Auto Insurance? 

An auto insurance policy covers you and your family members listed on the policy. The covered family members are covered regardless if they are driving your car or someone else’s car with their permission. Additionally, your auto insurance policy covers someone else who, with permission, is driving your vehicle. 

Does My Auto Insurance Cover Commercial Purposes? 

Your personal auto insurance policy will not cover you nor anyone else listed on your policy when using the car for commercial purposes. For example, if you use your vehicle to deliver pizzas and get into an accident, the policy will not pay for damages. However, if you only use the car to commute to work, run errands or drive around town for personal reasons, your policy will cover any accidents during these trips. 

What Does Auto Insurance Cover? 

Your auto insurance policy covers you and the family members listed on the policy. Basic auto insurance policies cover property damage, liability, and medical concerning covered events, such as an accident or theft. 

Your auto insurance essentially protects you and other family members you have chosen to list your policy. In most cases, the ones who get listed on your policy are the family members living with you in Jasper, AL. For additional information about auto insurance coverage, reach out to the agents at Harris Insurance. They can help you learn more about coverage and find you a policy to fit your needs.

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