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How to Get the Most Mileage From your Tires?

The insurance professionals at Harris Insurance serving the greater Jasper, AL  community offer this advice about getting the most mileage from your tires which ultimately helps reduce the cost of maintaining your car.

How to Get the Most Mileage From Your Tires?

In addition to inspecting your tires for uneven tread wear, consider these suggestions, which might help maximize your tire’s lifespan:

Maintain Proper Tire Inflation

Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.

  • Under-inflated Tires Wear unusually quickly as well as reduce fuel efficiency.
  • Overinflated tires cause uneven wear.

Rotate the Tire Regularly

This too, should be done according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Regular rotation extends the life of tires as it helps them wear evenly.  

Wheel Alignment/Balancing

Appropriately aligned wheels help tires wear evenly, extending the useful life of the tire. Balancing helps ensure proper weight distribution.

Minimize Hard Braking

This type of driving can wear down tire treads quickly.

Drive Safely

Obeying speed limits reduces the heat that can build up on a tire. Avoid potholes, curbs, etc., to avoid damaging the tires.

Load Capacity

Overloading causes tire stress, decreasing the tire’s useful life.

Avoid Harsh Driving Conditions

Where possible, avoid extreme weather conditions – heavy downpours, blizzards, or very excessive heat as this accelerates the wear on the tire.

Store Tire Properly

Seasonal tires should be kept in a dry, cool place – out of the direct sun or high heat.  

High-Quality Tires

Often it pays to buy high-quality tires – with high traction performance and tread life ratings, that match your driving style or type of car.

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Appropriately maintained tires will save money, offer improved fuel efficiency, and enhance road safety. Contact Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL today for more information.

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