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Ultimate Small Business Safety Checklist

Harris Insurance knows that when you own a small business in Jasper, AL, it is important to make sure your employees and customers are safe. Following is a small business safety checklist that could save you from needing to make a claim against your commercial policy.

  • Understand OSHA – The Occupational Safety & Health Administration requires that certain safety steps are taken to ensure the safety of your place of business and the employees and customers who visit. Check out for specific guidelines.
  • Take a look around – Look for potential hazards and safety issues.
  • Proper Training – Provide proper training for safety. When the staff knows how to handle specific situations, there is a higher chance of a good outcome for all. You may even alleviate a potentially dangerous situation altogether.
  • First Aid – Make first aid a priority. Always have basic first aid items available.
  • Give Employees A Break – A lot of accidents happen because a worker became tired or fatigued on the job. Make sure that doesn’t happen by enforcing break time.
  • Have a Plan and Practice Prevention and Escape – Make a plan for any and all types of emergencies. Have a fire exit plan as well as a computer team in place to prevent a cybersecurity attack.
  • Keep Equipment Running – Make sure any equipment or machinery your business uses are in proper working order at all time and that safety gear is used properly.
  • Have Coverage For When Something Goes Wrong – As the owner, it is important that you make sure you have the proper coverage before something goes wrong.

Talk with your insurance agent at Harris Insurance serving Jasper, AL today to make sure you have the right amount and right type of coverage for your business.

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