Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Insurance plans are supposed to give us peace of mind. When you purchase a plan for your car, your home, or yourself, you expect that you will be adequately covered in any scenario.

Regardless of how bad an accident you may be involved in, your expectation is that your insurance plans will keep you from falling into a financial hole.

It’s true that your existing insurance plans can cover you in most cases. However, there are also scenarios wherein your insurance plan may not be able to cover everything.

If you’re a resident of Jasper, AL and you want to be certain that no unfortunate incident is going to ruin you financially, it will be well worth your time to look into the umbrella insurance plans we offer here at Harris Insurance.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is additional liability insurance that you can purchase to help shore up any potential shortcomings in your existing plans. It isn’t supplemental to every policy, but it can help you pay for additional expenses that can no longer be covered by your auto insurance policy, your home insurance, or even your watercraft insurance.

Who Should Consider Purchasing Umbrella Insurance?

In all honesty, umbrella insurance can prove helpful to just about anyone. Still, there are Alabama residents who may benefit more from purchasing this specific kind of plan.

If you regularly take part in sports where there is a non-zero chance that you could injure someone, taking out an umbrella insurance policy is not a bad idea.

Summers can also get incredibly warm in Alabama, which is why many residents have swimming pools. While swimming pools are generally safe, accidents can still happen. With an umbrella insurance policy in your possession, you can be covered better against potential liability.

Pet owners with aggressive animals may also want to seriously consider purchasing an umbrella insurance policy.

Your existing insurance policies can only go so far in terms of offering coverage. If things take a real turn for the worse, you could find yourself staring at mountains of debt. Umbrella insurance will protect you from potential problems such as that.

If you’re a Jasper, AL resident interested in purchasing an umbrella insurance policy, please go ahead and contact us at Harris Insurance to learn more about your options.

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