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As a business owner, do I need commercial insurance for my personal car?

Commercial Insurance: A Necessity for Business Owners

Being a business owner comes with multiple responsibilities, one of which is securing the right kind of insurance coverage for the business. Whether you have a small or established venture, you have assets that need protection against various risks. Today, business owners are in luck with many insurance options designed for their specific needs. Harris Insurance, serving Jasper, AL, is committed to helping businesses get the necessary coverage.

What is Commercial Insurance?

Also referred to as business insurance, commercial insurance offers business owners tailor-made coverage options. These protect against risks such as litigation, accidents, employee injuries, natural disasters, and more. Commercial insurance safeguards various facets of a business, including routine operations, employees, company vehicles etc.

Do I Need Commercial Auto Insurance?

This largely depends on whether you use your vehicle for business purposes. Your regular auto insurance policy will not cover accidents or incidents that occur when the vehicle is used for business. In such cases, it’s necessary to have commercial auto insurance, which provides more extensive coverage than a personal auto insurance policy. Discuss your options with a licensed insurance agent to understand the differences between personal and commercial auto insurance.

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In the world of business, having the right insurance coverage could mean survival in adverse situations. With the range of commercial insurance options available, you can protect your business against various risks. Stop by Harris Insurance in Jasper, AL, or call us, and we will be more than glad to help you navigate your insurance options.

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