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3 Risks of not Carrying Auto Insurance

Do you have a vehicle? Great! But do you have valid auto insurance coverage? Owning a car used to be considered a luxury, but nowadays, it’s associated with comfort and convenience. And as more cars fill our roads, we need to be sure that we don’t forget one thing: Auto insurance. While everything is competing for your dollar, car insurance shouldn’t be one of those expenses you shove down your priority list. Why? Failing to buy car insurance from an insurance agent like Harris Insurance of Jasper, AL, will lead to the following consequences.

Heavy fines and penalties

Alabama State requires every motorist to have car insurance as long as they are driving on public roads. Below are the likely consequences of driving without valid auto insurance.

  • Fines of between $500 and $1,000
  • License suspension 
  • Jail time of between three and six months
  • Vehicle impoundment

The severity of your fines and penalties depends on your driving record. Given the severe penalties you face, why would you risk driving without auto insurance, yet you can purchase coverage from us? 

Pay losses to other people

The beauty of car insurance is that it has liability coverage that covers property damage, bodily injuries, and even legal suits for accidents you cause. Unfortunately, without car insurance, you will have to pay third-party costs out-of-pocket for accidents you are deemed liable for. 

Uncovered losses for own damage

When involved in an accident, property damage and injuries don’t occur to other people only. Your vehicle can suffer damage, and you and your passengers can sustain injuries. Without car insurance, you will have to incur medical expenses and vehicle repair costs from your pocket. Worse yet, in case of a severe accident, your car may suffer a total loss. If you need another car, you will have to finance it out-of-pocket.

Buy car insurance today!

If you have been driving without car insurance, don’t let another day pass. Please contact Harris Insurance, serving Jasper, AL for an affordable quote.

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